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Original Collection

A complete range of over 100 chocolate and almond coated products, used to celebrate life’s key events, from births to weddings, to Christmas and Easter, as well as children’s parties.


Chocolate Dragees

At the core of the Vanparys collection is the original chocolate dragee: a delicious Belgian dark chocolate, coated with thin layers of sugar, and delivered in a spectacular range of 50 colours in three finishes: matte, glossy or pearlescent.


Almond Dragees

Vanparys classic almond dragees are made with the finest selection of almonds from Sicily (Avola and Baronne ranges) and California (the Dauphine and Duchesse ranges), proposed in 4 variants and 4 colours.


Chocolate & Sweet Mini Dragees

Vanparys chocolate minis comprise small (confetti) and extra-small (mini-confetti) rounded dragees, mini-hearts, Swiss fruits and Rice Crisps, presented in a wide variety of fashionable colours.


Gold & Silver

These delightful treats in silver and gold give new meaning to rich chocolate! Whether you enjoy them as almond or pure chocolate dragees, confettis, hearts or sugar pearls, this is a taste that you and your guests will treasure.

Gourmet Collection

Vanparys chocolate coated specialties, with a rich, indulgent chocolate experience, to share and enjoy or offer to others.


Chocolate Coated Whole Fruit

An irresistible mix of whole dried fruits – strawberries, raspberries, raisins – and a thick rich coating of white, milk or dark chocolate.



Chocolate Coated Almonds and Hazelnuts

Who can refuse a delicious combination of almonds and hazelnuts enveloped in chocolate? A mix of dark and white chocolate, truffle chocolate, coconut or caramel… take your pick.



Chocolate Coated Almonds with a Fruity Sugar Coating

It’s a new take on chocolate and fruit. It’s fruity covered chocolate and almonds! Available in Blueberry, Raspberry, Orange and Limoncello…


Coffee & Chocolate

There’s no better way to cap off a meal than with almonds wrapped in cappuccino or speculoos (a Belgian spiced cookie delight!), or with coffee flavoured chocolate (Café Caraque) or coffee beans coated with dark chocolate (Choco Café)… somebody stop us!

Cake Decorations


Vanparys Mini Range

As decorative and colourful as they are delicious, confettis, miniconfettis and mini hearts make a perfect adornment for pastries, cakes and cupcakes!


Silver & Gold

Treat your lucky guests to a sparkly array of gold and silver pastry and cake toppings. This puts the bling in baking!


Fondant Jesus

This sugar baby Jesus figurine is hand painted and traditionally placed inside of Christmas pastries.

Easter Products

Oh, what a sweet holiday this is!


Praline Eggs

Exquisite praliné eggs with a crunchy thin sugar layer in a variety of colours: white, praline, and a new fresh spring mix of: pink, lila, orange, yellow and grassgreen.


Fondant Hen

Perfect for Easter and spring celebrations!



Hard sugar coated eggs


Liquor Eggs

Hard sugar coated eggs with fluid liquor inside


Lilliput Eggs

Hard mini sugar coated eggs


Candy Eggs

Fondant eggs